Saturday, 8 May 2021

Team Spirit

 When the word team spirit is being  misused I only feel this. 

Person who really has team spirit need not boast everytime saying we as a team let's act as a team etc. It would be shown in the way they work itself. It can be felt when they act in unbiased manner and is prompt in updating and by behaving transparently.

It cannot come by merely leaving classy statements like let's do it we as a team working on etc when it's not exhibited in the way you treat all team members

Maintaining team spirit cannot be an excuse in not having individual responsibility or it cannot be used in all context being blind to situations ignoring the questions asked. It would do well to merely reply to the asked questions instead of leaving so called team spirit statements which is becoming old fashioned. 

To outer world we should be a team and not let down our members but internally we should be conscious of our flaws and mistakes and work towards correcting it.

We should be conscious to update every other team members on the situation

Manager of the team should not make any member feel differentiated. 

When I work in any team I work on 3 core principles

1. I will not let my team members down anywhere. And I would defend them if they are not treated properly. I voice for their rights everywhere

2. Internally I would point the facts even if it's a flaw. I would understand my own mistakes and aim to get these corrected and contribute to it's betterment

3. I would be transparent about the work am doing and ensure that because of my absence team is not affected 

This according to me is team spirit

I need not wear it in my sleeve 

It would be obvious in the way I am transparent and in the way I call spade a spade 

Stop using the word team as an excuse to escape questions or to hide the fact you do not want to take individual responsibilities

Stop boasting your team spirit and start exhibiting it by treating all equally not in just words but in actions 

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